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Having trouble installing Malevich? - look here: Installation troubleshooting

Read the special note on Malevich upgrades if you are upgrading from versions before 5/20/2009

Malevich is a web-based, point-and-click code review system designed for use by individuals and small teams. Its goal is making the cost of a comment as close to zero as possible: easy commenting encourages thorough code reviews.

Reviewing code in Malevich is easy indeed. A reviewer can see both the original as well as the new revision of a file in a browser. To comment on a line of code, he or she simply clicks on that line, and starts typing. Submitting comments makes them visible to the person who requested the code review, as well as to all other reviewers.

malevich - diff view.jpg

Malevich is hosted on widely available Microsoft technologies and can be easily deployed on a small server or an individual workstation.

Interested? Read on!
  1. Why the name?
  2. Usage walkthrough
  3. System requirements
  4. Installation and configuration
  5. Installation troubleshooting
  6. Testing Malevich setup
  7. Upgrading Malevich
  8. Customizing Malevich installation
  9. Hosting multiple Malevich projects on the same box

Areas for contribution

Developer contributions are greatly appreciated! Note that the only supported tool for development is Visual Studio 2008, this is the only way I will accept contributions. The following things we need right away, in the priority order:
  • Lots of testing, especially on TFS
  • Testing with different environments - Windows XP/IIS 5.1, SQL Server 2005, etc
  • Code reviews for Malevich itself
  • Support for other source control systems (like SVN, GIT, whatever)
  • UI skins

When writing code for Malevich, please keep to Malevich Style Guide.

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