Malevich installation - Configuration

Apr 1, 2011 at 5:47 PM

Dear friends

I try to configure Malevich in my virtual machine and get the message below: [I have installed SQL server 2008]

Please wait while we verify your computer and detect the
details of current Malevich installation (if any).
Verifying the OS and dependencies.
  Win32NT: Check!
  Got OS version: Check!
  Server 2008 R2: Check!
  Discovering SQL Server instances.
    (This may take a while, please be patient...)
        --- localhost\MICROSOFT##SSEE
        --- localhost
        --- localhost\SQLEXPRESS
Note: detected server instance localhost\SQLEXPRESS which appears
to be an instance of SQL Server 2008, but has no enabled TCP
interfaces. If you want to use this instance of SQL Server, please
enable TCP/IP protocol in SQL Server Configuration Manager and restart
Malevich configuration.
Installation program could not detect an acceptable running instance of
SQL Server 2008. If you do have SQL Server 2008 installed on this computer,
use SQL Server Configuration Manager to verify that SQL Browser service
is enabled and started.
You should make sure it is configured to start automatically.
No SQL Server 2008 instances detected!
Press any key to exit...

Any thoughts/ideas to overcome this issue. Thank you