Ability to modify e-mail notification workflow

Dec 17, 2011 at 12:18 AM

My team have a mail-enabled security group we intend to target all of our reviews to. We would like to target all new reviews to this group, and allow any available participants for a given review to either ignore or participate in the review.

I have noticed that in this scenario, when using the --invite flag for this distribution list, that the mail that is generated contains a link to the "makemereviewer" url. This is good, as it is easy for participants to understand that by clicking through on this URL they are agreeing to participate as a voting reviewer. There is one minor, yet confusing behavior in the way Malevich handles this workflow though. After a reviewer clicks on the "makemereviewer" url, and agrees to be a reviewer, Malevich then sends out another e-mail to the reviewer that has accepted. It looks to me like the first e-mail (presenting the "makemereviewer" url) is of the Invite.html template; and the follow-up mail is of the Request.html template.

Truthfully, the follow-up mail is a little confusing to us. And if it were possible, we would probably choose to disable it. Is it possible to disable it via config file, or any other easily configurable method? We could always modify the Request.html template, to be a little less redundant and more clear in its language. But I thought I'd see if it were possible to turn it off altogether.

Dec 20, 2011 at 6:53 AM


Unfortunately, there is not configurable way to disable the follow-up email :-(. The web site calls the same storage procedure as review.exe to add a person to review. That storage procedure causes the email to be sent. You could change the source and recompile it, unfortunately, you would have to change at least the database and the web site (for example, clone AddReviewer SP to AddReviewerNoInvite, and then call it from Default.aspx.cs's AddToReviewers routine.

One other possible solution would be to change the email template to make it account for this scenario.

Sorry for the functionality problem. I plan to restart working on Malevich qiote soon and will add this as an option.