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Malevich supports several options that allow the administrator to fine-tune the exact look and feel of the web site.

They live in appSettings section of web.config file in Malevich's web directory. Modifications of these options do survive the upgrade.
  • <add key="skinDirectory" value="w:\codereview\malevichskin"/> - allows skinning the web interface by injecting HTML into the pages that Malevich renders. See Skinning Malevich for more details.
  • <add key="maxLineLength" value="120" /> Maximum line length for source code. Must be between 80 and 160 scharacters. Lines that are bigger are broken into multiple lines. Overridable via user settings.
  • <add key="maxLineNumberLength" value="6"/> Maxinum length, in digits, that a line number could be. This is for size calculations in diff view rendering. You should only change it if you're reviewing files that are longer than a million lines.
  • <add key="maxDescriptionLength" value="120" /> The length, in characters, to which a description of a change gets abbreviated in a dashboard view.
  • <add key="maxReviewCommentLength" value="256" /> The length, in characters, to which a review comment gets abbreviated in a list of votes.
  • <add key="fonts" value="Courier New(6:10,7:12,8:14);consolas(6:10,7:12,8:14);monospace(6:10,7:12,8:14)"/>
    • Font list for the file viewer. A user is allowed to select from this list in personal settings. Options are separated by a semicolon (;).
    • All fonts MUST be monospace, if they are not, the file viewer will not display correctly.
    • The number pairs in parenthesis that follow the font list are the sizes for small, medium, and large fonts, respectively. The first number is horizontal size of an individual character in pixels, the second number is the vertical size (this is equivalent to 'font size').
    • Horizontal sizes must be measured (by hand, if required) for every vertical size and it is extremely important that these numbers be correct, or the file view panels would not render properly.
  • <add key="spacesPerTab" value="-1" /> Number of spaces in a tab for display purposes. -1 or missing = tab is displayed as \t.
  • <add key="allowTabOverride" value="false" /> Whether overriding the tab is allowed.

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